How to dye & bleach your hair during quarantine!

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It became really hard for us women to go to the beauty saloon during the lock down, some simply can’t because there’s no near by open beauty saloon & some are scared to catch infection during the visit to the saloon, Of course, it’s important to remember that while coloring your hair at home can save you money, it does cost you time – generally around 60 to 90 minutes. We simply can’t live without pampering ourselves! therefore today i would like to present you a very simple steps to dye & bleach our hair at home! you think its hard? no its easy when you follow the steps below:

you can change your whole attitude by changing your hair color.

Prep your hair its essential for the best result.

Color works best with dirty hair, since it lacks the slippery conditioner that freshly washed locks have. Coloring 24 to 48 hours after your last wash is usually fine. That way, color stays on the strands and penetrates better for more predictable results.


 Select your best shade:To find your best shade at the store, eye those close to your current one. Boxed dyes are usually displayed in color order on a shelf: Hold a section of your hair up to a box to find a close match, then choose from the next two shades on either side, buy number of hair dye boxes according to your hair’s length.


  • Wear easy to remove clothing: To avoid staining clothes, put on an old robe or button-front shirt so you won’t have to lift a top over your head when it’s time to rinse. Cover surfaces (floor, sink) with garbage bags or layers of newspaper you can toss afterward rather than sheets or towels that can get soaked through and need washing.
  • Protect your skin from dye: There’s nothing worse than ending up with telltale stripes of color on your forehead. Rather than using a goopy salve to protect skin from dye, guard your skin against stains by gliding a clear solid lip balm along your hairline, including around your ears, before applying color.
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