How to dye & bleach your hair during quarantine!

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Work from the bottom-up and from the front-backward: Another key to DIY highlights is knowing when to stop applying the dye. it’s hard for people to see and reach a lot of their own hair, especially the sections in the back. That’s why she always recommends keeping at-home highlights focused around the face. so stick with the hairline area to brighten up the face. You can get a little creative and pop some highlights around a few pieces in the ends to create an ombre effect.

Comb your hair into your usual style and then clip up the top section, separating from just above your ears and pulling that top section up and out of the way. Load the brush up with color and begin highlighting the lower layer, starting just behind your ear and working your way around the head. Then, release some of your hair from the clip – the thinner the layers you release, the more highlights you get.

Finally, when you get to the last layer, start at the root near the front of your hairline, placing the tip of the mascara brush to your hair and dragging downward. This creates thin highlights that most closely resemble those you naturally get in the sun. Then, repeat a few millimeters back on the opposite side of your part, alternating sides as you work your way back for the most natural look. You might need a friend or spouse to help you with the crown of your head and beyond, which is a tricky area to get to solo.

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