2022 Most Preferred Blonde Hair

Why is blonde hair preferred the most ? Blonde hair color tones, which have increased their popularity in recent years, give girls an innocent and bright look. Strawberry blonde, honey blonde and dark blonde hair keep being popular from the previous seasons. If you like blonde hair colors and are thinking of making a change in your hair I have prepared a great article for you!



Just because you don’t have naturally blonde hair doesn’t mean you won’t be blonde. You can become a very natural looking blonde with the natural blonde hair dye that suits you. Find the one that suits you from natural blonde hair tones and take the first step towards blonde.

Those with light skin tones will suit any shade of natural blonde hair color.

If you have wheatish skin, you should take a look at natural ashy blonde hair colors. Ashy blonde hair color will look more natural and attractive on wheaten skin.                                                                                                                            


One of the most suitable hair colors for wheat skinned people is dark blond! Dark blond, one of the most popular colors among blonde hair color tones, creates an elegant look. If you are looking for the blonde color that suit your wheat skin best, you can try the dark blond color with your eyes closed.







If you have wheatish skin tone, you can use all blonde hair colors with golden reflections. However, if you have a dark skin tone and your hair is dark brown, I recommend that you choose dark blond or light auburn hair colors with golden reflections. Thus, your hair color will look more natural and will be more compatible with your skin color.


Bangs are the best way to change up your look without shortening hair length. This year bangs are in fashion. It is very appealing to wheat-skinned and blondes. To have a soft transition, your choice can be a wispy fringe.